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My Story

Yvonne Hacon

We have lived in St Agnes for 21 years-& up here on the Beacon for 14 of them.

 We bought this tiny bungalow with its 3 acres of horse grazing fields in order to grow a wildlife woodland with a semi self-sustaining smallholding & a nature reserve.  We planted over 1,000 native trees, dug a series of ponds, added wildflowers, ancient varieties of apple & fruit trees, vegetable beds, bee friendly plants & shrubs, willows, hedges & open spaces to encourage as much wildlife as possible while giving it a safe & sustainable home. We bought in ducks, chickens & a friendly old pet pig, then some beautiful rare breed Golden Guernsey Goats.The goats chomp up our brambles, nettles & branches & give us creamy milk & rich manure in exchange! (as well as endless time-wasting goat gazing potential...)We converted the neglected hay barn into an eco-friendly holiday cottage called Beacon Top Bottom, open all year to guests ,friends & family, put in solar panels & a rainwater harvesting system; a compost loo & solar shower are our latest additions. 

 The wood is growing incredibly well-proper sized trees now where only grazing grass grew before, already we have seen a huge improvement in the number of beasts residing here.We regularly see foxes, badgers, adders, grass snakes, slow worms, newts, frogs, toads, dragonflies, butterflies, goldfinches, sparrows, robins, a multitude of overwintering wrens ,hawks & woodpeckers-the list is continually expanding! Our purpose is to improve wildlife potential without over stressing the land that we are lucky enough to use,  creating a wildlife corridor to other local areas.

   The whole process is incredibly absorbing & one change or idea leads onto many more...being surrounded by  all this seasonal activity provides endless inspiration to respond visually & recording life here.  Because of our desire to be as minimal as possible I only work with sustainable &/or re-cycleable materials, usually small scale to avoid waste.....!


welcome to thepicturewitch

Picturewitch is somewhere to find accessible art with a sense of fun, folklore & storytelling. My recycled, up-cycled, re-invented & unique pieces are all completely individual & handmade. Any printed items are produced at the Eco park in the next village. 
My works reflects living in Cornwall; the beauty of its wild weather, stormy seas, & windswept coast....& the stories & legends of this ancient county. It also records life on our smallholding, with the little woodland we are slowly growing, our dogs, goats, chickens, ducks & a happy old pig,


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The shortest distance between truth & a human being is a story

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